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 Petty Paintball Field Rules !!

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Shadow Walker

Age : 35
Location : Phoenix AZ
Registration date : 2008-12-30

PostSubject: Petty Paintball Field Rules !!   Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:14 pm

1. Keep your GOGGLES on at all times when at Chrono Station, Shooting Range or on Game Field unless the Referee tells you otherwise.
2. Barrel Bags ARE REQUIRED. Period - no plugs, squeegies in barrel, etc. and must remain on the marker the whole time you are in the staging area.
3. Maximum field velocity is 300 FPS - you are responsible for maintaining safe speeds. You may be asked to verify your FPS by a referee AT ANY TIME.
4. Dead Man Posture: When eliminated from a game, the gun is aimed up with barrel bag on and clearly visable as you walk off the field. Any variation of this means you are FAIR GAME.
5. Eliminated Players DO NOT TALK, give up paint, guns or air, and/or point out players - talking dead players earn bonus balls.
6. If you say HIT, DEAD, OUT, I'M GONE or anything similar, you are eliminated from the game.
7. If a ball hits you and you cannot see the mark, call a referee for a paintcheck. You must defend yourself under a paintcheck.
8. Full face masks required.
9. Trigger guard must be on marker and operational.
10. Beavertails ARE REQUIRED on Cockers.
11. Bunkering is allowed. If you don't want to play by this rule, discuss it with the referees BEFORE game start.
12. SEMI AUTO ONLY while playing on this field - IT'S REQUIRED BY INSURANCE - PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION - no full auto, burst or turbo modes - no runaway reactive triggers. Tournament and Scenario games may allow other modes.
13. Only ONE MARKER per person UNLESS YOU TALK TO THE REFEREE before game start.
14. No food past the safety net.
15. Dry firing is permitted, but please do so outside the Staging Area with marker pointed in a safe direction.
16. Referees rulings are final, DO NOT argue with the refs, discuss calls after game is ended.
17. All quarter size paint marks on any part of the body or the gun count.
18. DO NOT curse or provoke any conflicts at this field.
19. Any confrontation that lasts past a referees order to cease will result in the Police being called.
20. Play safe, play fair, HAVE FUN!!


Corporal Punishment Capt & Team Owner

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Petty Paintball Field Rules !!
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