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 Rambos AAR of the Cactus Tea Party

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Age : 30
Location : (2I0) SaN AnToNiO, TeXXXass!!
Registration date : 2008-12-31

PostSubject: Rambos AAR of the Cactus Tea Party   Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:10 pm

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Age : 30
Location : (2I0) SaN AnToNiO, TeXXXass!!
Registration date : 2008-12-31

PostSubject: Re: Rambos AAR of the Cactus Tea Party   Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:26 pm

Ok guys, sorry it took so long but here it is. My AAR.

Woodie- I couldnt ask for a better XO, everytime a mission came out that I needed you for you were right there! You also wouldnt let me out of the base! Great job!!

Warlock-Thanks for coming out bud, It was great to see you and Goofy! You did an awesome job this weekend!

Dom-You were without a doubt my MVP this weekend, you did an awesome job and you were on the ball! Thanks brotha!

PJ-It sucks your SP1 went down but it seems you are a natural with an autococker!! I will not forget final battle when you stitched that guy up!!

Will- I have finally come up with a call sign for you, 'Wild Bill', you were crazy this weekend, I know you were mainly on base defense but you held my fort many times. Between you and Blister they never had a chance!!

Riceman- Every time I saw you, you were covered in paint and walking back from the hospital looking for were I needed you. You did a great job and never gave up!!!

Pim- Man, everytime I turned around BAAM! There you were waiting for another mission. You truly impressed me with your perserverance!! Great job buddy!! If we had awards you wouldve caught the sportsmanship, cause even though you were telling me about how they werent calling themselves out, you stayed positive!!! You also impressed me with your leadership skills, you took the missions, rounded guys up and were off!!! Again great job!!

Spyder- You were ripping them apart while on base defense!!! Im glad you came out buddy!! Awesome job!!!

Ninjaman- Another great job of leadership skills, you took missions and ran!! Thanks for being my Ninja!! You were awesome this weekend!!


Maverick- Great job barrel-taggin the opposing general and killing the whole base!!!!! WOW!!!!

Boosty- You were on top of the ball!! Yea the refs were kind of lazy and you stayed on top of them but thats ok!! You did not lose your cool you played a fair game!!! Great job!!! We missed you buddy!!

Blister- I am speechless, there are not words to describe how awesome you were this weekend!! I am so proud of you!! You did an awesome job and Im glad you came out!! Everytime I see you play all you care about is having fun!!! Thanks buddy!!

Paul- I didnt get to see too much of you, sorry pal. But from what I did see and hear you were an awesome medic!! You even set your gun down and concentrated on the team. Great job buddy!!

All in all it was an awesome game, I had fun though I didnt see much of playing time. Thanks to Woodie!!! But I saw that you guys played a very upstanding game and played with honor, yes several people on the other side were wiping but the point is we had fun!!! I am so proud of each and everyone of you guys!!! You guys did an awesome job on missions, we only lost by 4!!! And we were getting late missions and refs were not present at the locations to sign off, yet yall played on!!! Like I said Im very proud of you guys!!!
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Rambos AAR of the Cactus Tea Party
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