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 Recoil from the weekend

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PostSubject: Recoil from the weekend   Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:27 am

Well as a few of you knew last saturday was kind of a struggle for me to attend being that i had to call in sick to be there and although nothing happend to me that day it didnt come without a few side effects.

Wednesday morning (yesterday) was my team meeting and after that i had a sit down with my super and he was very direct and said that he was told that if i called in like that again that i was to be "let go". And that they wanted to know how i was able to take off so many days since i only have 12 paid days off per year that i have already taken 15 thus far. Well that remains to be my little secret and he wasnt happy with my response, so from now until whenever they will be watching my every move and wont be granting my time off as much or at all.

Needless to say i will be missing alot more practice and alot more games. These next two games i have already put in for which is the other half of the problem that raised the suspicion this last weekend. so it kinda all hit at once for me at the office.

In light of this i dont feel that i can uphold the team standards for attendance and i dont feel that i should hold team members accountable for something i cant do myself. So i choose to leave the team before i become a burden or a hypocrite that disobeys the rules that he has layed out for the team. I didnt come to this dicision lightly and the timing really sucks cause i wanted to go toobing with everybody and to finally get to play more than one or two games a year with matt and shannon. But the fact still remains that this economy sucks and i cant afford to loose my job at this point. so i will have to respectfully resign my posistion and team memebership until a time that i can be an active and productive member of a team that i helped create.

I wish you all well and hope things at Petty's work well for you just sucks that i wont be able to partake in that sweet deal under these circumstances. As always i will still be around, my number is still the same and yall are always welcome whenever,if you need anything just send me an email or call.
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Shadow Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Recoil from the weekend   Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:02 pm

So I dont undestand here, because of work your quiting the team, instead of going on leave? There must certainly be more then just that reason for your resignation. and I dont understand you posting this in the public section, why was it not in the team section?


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Recoil from the weekend
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